A Little Bit About Me…

heatherspianostudioHello! My name is Heather Lee and I have a passion and deep love for music and I adore sharing that with others. To tell you a little more about myself, I have to start at the beginning. I fell in love with music and specifically the piano at a very young age. I fondly remember sitting and listening aptly to my mom playing classical pieces on the piano. It was love at first sound! I began taking private piano lessons at the age of 10, before that my mother had taught me a little informally. I spent all of my spare time practicing; my parents could not pry me from the piano! At the age of 17, I took my first position as church pianist. I still play the piano at my church and love sharing the job with several other very talented individuals. I also play for weddings and private events on the side.

Not only do I have a love for music, but I also have a passion for working with children. I have worked as a one-on-one classroom aid for 8 years, specifically working with children who have special needs. I have been able to learn many different teaching techniques with my experience.

It seemed obvious to me that I needed to meld these two passions together and open my own piano studio and start teaching privately. It is literally the best of both worlds! If you are interested or have a child who is interested in taking private piano lessons, please feel free to contact me. I would love to answer any questions you may have!


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